Women Who Flash Their Lit

How did you end up writing flash?

Breaking the rules

Breaking The Rules: Does flash have it’s own rule book, break old ones, or is it like any other form of creative writing? Continue reading “Breaking the rules”

Taking Flash Mainstream

We’re all thrilled when one of our tiny tales gets accepted in a literary journal, but what about the ginormous world of readers outside of our relatively small enclave?   None of my friends (most voracious readers) had heard of flash before I started sharing my work with them.  And these are bright people.  How to expand the audience for our genre is something I think about a lot.  We live in a sound-bite society.   People like to read.  They want to read, but will often forego the commitment of a novel for a quick flip through a magazine:  Women’s World, More, Elle, Shape, Esquire — you name it and it should have a flash section.

Let’s brainstorm and see what inroads we can make in the coming new year.

And Happy New Year you amazing, talented, generous, sexy, fabulous, awesome ladies! -Jayne

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