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Would LOVE to see a list of flash collections/novels/memoirs that are your favorites

20 thoughts on “Would LOVE to see a list of flash collections/novels/memoirs that are your favorites

  1. Sonja Livingston: ghostbread (memoir)
    Sheila O’Connor: Tokens of Grace (flash novel)
    David Swann: Stronger, Faster, Shorter ( collection)
    Kathy Fish: Together We Can Bury It (collection)
    Rose Metal Press Guide To Flash Fiction
    Nancy Stohlman: Searching For Suzi (novel)
    Mary Miller: The Big World
    Robert Scotellaro: What We Know So Far (collection)
    B.J. Best: But Our Princess is in Another Castle (collection)
    Kathy Fish & Robert Vaughan: Rift (collection)
    Fast Fiction Forward Anthologies
    Lauren Becker: If I Would Leave Myself Behind
    Etgar Keret: The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God and other stories
    Jayne Anne Phillips: Black Tickets
    A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: 4 chaps: Amy L.Clark, Elizabeth Ellen, Kathy Fish, Claudia Smith
    Len Kuntz: The Dark Sunshine
    Michelle Reale: The Legacy of the Sidelong Glance: Elegies

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    • Wow, thanks so much, Meg, for including my books in your list. I’m honored. I will post a list too…but right now I’m getting ready to host the amazing Gay Degani here in Denver for the F-Bomb reading! She and Nancy and Sally and I are going to hang out for a couple of days and oh, I should probably clean my house, ha…xoxo

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  2. Wow. So many. In addition to the entertaining and inspiring work done by the women on this panel, some of my faves (and I know I’m going to leave out a bunch) would be Amy Hempel’s “The Collection Stories,” Anne Valente’s “By the Light We Knew Our Names,” Susan Tepper’s “The Merrill Diaries,” and Rose Metal Press’ “My Very End of the Universe,” which features five novellas-in-flash and a study of the form by each of the writers. Reading “Tokens of Grace” now by Sheila O’Connor (based on Meg’s recommendation). Fabulous! I now want to read everything by this writer. “Liar’s Club” will always be one of my favorite memoirs and I recently read Karr’s new book “The Art of Memoir,” which could be the art of any kind of writing. Karr is amazing. She’s a plain-spoken gal like me and she swears a lot, so how could I not love her? My most current “blew-me-away” book is Helen MacDonald’s “H is for Hawk.” Reading this book is like watching Cirque du Soleil. I’ve never read any author that can perform such feats with prose. I read it twice, back-to-back, and I’m now listening to the audio (and stalking MacDonald on Twitter).

    Anything by Elizabeth Strout, Alice McDermott, George Saunders, Ann Patchett (although I like her non-fiction best. “Truth & Beauty” was amazing.) I know as soon as I hit “Post Comment” I’m going to feel like a fool for forgetting so many others.

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  3. I know, Jayne! There are so many that I am sure I have bypassed WAY TOO MANY! Just thought it would be great to see what everyone’s reading and have read and LOVED! I’m am always excited to find new writers!

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  4. This is such a great question, Meg. I also loved “Rift” and the Flash Fiction Forward anthologies.

    Some other favorites are:

    Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street” (a flash novel if there ever was one)

    Justin Torres’ “We the Animals” (so many of the chapters feel as if they could be self-contained flash. And that lyrical prose. Wow.)

    “SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years”

    Lindsay Hunter’s “Daddy’s”

    Leesa Cross-Smith’s “Every Kiss a War”

    Cynthia Ozick’s “The Shawl” (thank you Kathy Fish for the recommendation!)

    Aubrey Hirsch’s “Why We Never Talk About Sugar”

    Amber Spark’s “May We Shed These Human Bodies”

    “New Sudden Fiction,” edited by Robert Shapard and James Thomas

    “Microfiction,” edited by Jerome Stern

    Not flash but still great:

    L. Annette Binder’s “Rise”

    Ramona Ausubel’s “A Guide to Being Born”

    James Baldwin’s “Giovanni’s Room”

    I have a feeling I’ll soon be adding the books you and Jayne recommended to this list!

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  5. Paul Beckman: Peek (story collection) LOVE!

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  6. Need to add to the list “Brevity and Echo” an anthology of flash. Recommended to me by Kathy and, as usual, she was right. Some great work in here.

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  7. This is a list I put together with some brilliant folks that I was on an AWP flash fiction panel with a few years ago (Robert Shapard, Tom Hazuka, James Thomas, Kim Chinquee, and Leah Rogin-Roper).



    Fast Forward: Flash 101: Surviving the Fiction Apocalypse
    Fast Forward: The Incredible Shrinking Story
    Fast Forward: The Mix Tape
    Fast Forward: Volume 2
    Flash Fiction Funny
    Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories
    Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories
    Micro Fiction: An Anthology of Fifty Really Short Stories
    New Sudden Fiction: Short-Short Stories from America and Beyond
    Sudden Fiction: American Short-Short Stories
    Sudden Fiction International: 60 Shorts
    Sudden Fiction Latino: Short-Short Stories from the U.S. and Latin America
    Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short-Short Stories
    You Have Time For This

    Books on writing and teaching Flash Fiction:

    Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field
    The 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises that Transform Your Fiction

    Flash Fiction Authors:

    Atwood, Margaret
    Almond, Steve
    Baxter, Charles
    Brasca, Raúl
    Brown, Laynie
    Buzzati, Dino
    Carlson, Ron
    Calvino, Italo
    Carver, Raymond
    Cheever, John
    Chinquee, Kim
    Cooper, Bernard
    Coover, Robert
    Cortázar, Julio
    Czyniejewski, Michael
    Dinesen, Isak
    Davis, Lydia
    Dybek, Stuart
    Eggers, Dave
    Elena, Albert Garcia
    Ellison, Harlan
    Fish, Kathy
    Flick, Sherrie
    Fondation, Larry
    Forché, Carolyn
    Francis, H.E.
    Freele, Stephanie
    Hawkins, Bobbie Louise
    Hazuka, Tom
    Hemingway, Ernest
    Holst, Spencer
    Kawabata, Yasunari
    Keret, Etgar
    Kicknosway, Faye
    Loory, Ben
    Lovelace, Sean
    Lutz, Gary
    Martone, Michael
    Morris, Kona
    Murphy, Yannick
    Oates, Joyce Carol
    Orner, Peter
    Phillips, Jayne Anne
    Reno, Sally
    Rogers, Bruce Holland
    Rogin-Roper, Leah
    Shapard, Robert
    Shepard, Sam
    Shua, Ana Maria
    Stohlman, Nancy
    Thomas, James
    Tuite, Meg
    Unferth, Deb Olin


    “Happy Endings” Margaret Atwood
    “The Cliff” Charles Baxter
    “The Hole” Raúl Brasca
    “The Falling Girl” Dino Buzzati
    “All at One Point” Italo Calvino
    “The Father” Raymond Carver
    “Popular Mechanics” Raymond Carver
    “Reunion” John Cheever
    “The Gym was His Playground” Kim Chinquee
    “A Fable” Robert Coover
    “A Continuity of Parks” Julio Cortázar
    “The Blue Jar” Isak Dinesen
    “Accident” Dave Eggers
    “Ashes” Albert Garcia Elena
    “The Colonel” Carolyn Forché
    “Sitting” H.E. Francis
    “Even Greenland” Barry Hannah
    “Homeward Bound” Tom Hazuka
    “A Very Short Story” Ernest Hemingway
    “What Happened During the Ice Storm” Jim Heynen
    “On Hope” Spencer Holst
    “Crazy Glue” Etgar Keret
    “Forgotten” Anne Mazur
    “Confession #3” Kona Morris
    “First Virtual” Kathleen O’Donnell
    “Mother” Grace Paley
    “Wedding Picture” Jayne Anne Phillips
    “Noel” Michael Plemmons
    “Little Brother” Bruce Holland Rogers
    “Elena Wants to Have a Baby” Leah Rogin-Roper
    “Exercise” Bruce Taylor
    “Currents” Hannah Bottomy Voskuil
    “The Flowers” Alice Walker
    “Sleeping” Katharine Weber
    “Pendergast’s Daughter” Lex Williford
    “The Lampshade Vendor” Allen Wodman

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  8. Okay, Kona! Holy Shite amazing!!! I’m going to add a flash memoir I’m reading now: Bone Black by bell hooks! Yes yes and yes!!!


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