Women Who Flash Their Lit

Please share all of your chapbooks, collections, novels, etc. and a link to publisher or your website to order! I want your books!

Would LOVE to see a list of flash collections/novels/memoirs that are your favorites

Flash Collections

What is your process for putting together a flash collection? Should stories have a similar voice or theme, or does it not matter?

How do you decide what sequence to put the stories in? How does this influence the reading of the book?


How do you recognize text that doesn’t add to the piece, and what is your best piece of advice for revision in flash?

Pedagogy and flash: how do you approach workshop and class design?

Flashy Character Development & Narrative Arc

How much character development do you need?

How much, if any, narrative arc do you need?

How does narrative arc work differently in flash than in other forms of fiction? Continue reading “Flashy Character Development & Narrative Arc”

Embodied Experience in Flash: Intersections of Bodies, Lives, and Writing

What does it mean for you to be a female/female-identified writer who writes flash fiction? Does it matter? Should it?  Does the reality of an author’s embodied experience translate to reader experience?  Our experience of what makes us human, some argue, and has a profound influence on what kind of writers we are, what we write, how we write it. Some say, no it doesn’t or shouldn’t, the text stands alone. Is there a spectrum? How do we articulate it? Where does the text come from? What are its origins if not in experience? Does flash offer anything textually different from an embodiment perspective?  Continue reading “Embodied Experience in Flash: Intersections of Bodies, Lives, and Writing”

Language & Voice in Flash

What is the role of language and voice in flash? Are the roles more emphasized than in other forms of narrative? Continue reading “Language & Voice in Flash”

Flash As Genre: Structure and Form in Hybrid and Experimental Narratives

Is flash a genre, a form, or both, what?

How do you use space to your advantage in mosaic and other fragmented flash?

How does flash differ from the vignette or does it? Are categories—short story, poetry, prose poetry, vignette—restrictive? Helpful? Do we need these kinds of qualifiers? Continue reading “Flash As Genre: Structure and Form in Hybrid and Experimental Narratives”

How did you end up writing flash?

Breaking the rules

Breaking The Rules: Does flash have it’s own rule book, break old ones, or is it like any other form of creative writing? Continue reading “Breaking the rules”

Taking Flash Mainstream

We’re all thrilled when one of our tiny tales gets accepted in a literary journal, but what about the ginormous world of readers outside of our relatively small enclave?   None of my friends (most voracious readers) had heard of flash before I started sharing my work with them.  And these are bright people.  How to expand the audience for our genre is something I think about a lot.  We live in a sound-bite society.   People like to read.  They want to read, but will often forego the commitment of a novel for a quick flip through a magazine:  Women’s World, More, Elle, Shape, Esquire — you name it and it should have a flash section.

Let’s brainstorm and see what inroads we can make in the coming new year.

And Happy New Year you amazing, talented, generous, sexy, fabulous, awesome ladies! -Jayne

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